The Blog’s Purpose

College basketball in Connecticut has had a shadow casted over it for some time now. It is a Huskies-shaped shadow that has produced the likes of Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, and Emeka Okafor, among many others.

The University of Connecticut may be the juggernaut of Connecticut basketball but it is far from the only team taking the hardwood. There are several collegiate teams in the state that have to compete in finding elite players to continue to build their program’s success.

Whether it is Division I, II or III, all coaches go through a rigorous recruiting process every year in order to put their teams in the best possible position for the future. Depending on their division and conference, different teams look for a different caliber of players.

The purpose behind this blog is to take a deeper look into the collegiate basketball in different parts of Connecticut. It will be interesting to uncover the differences in recruiting from each Division. For example, some coaches look for specific players to play within their system and some coaches will recruit in certain geographical areas more than others.

Also, the NCAA has many rules about what coaching staffs are allowed to do when contacting an individual. It will be important to learn exactly what their limitations are and the pressures that college coaches are under in building their program.

Recruiting is the cornerstone to building a successful collegiate team and it is a topic that needs to be covered in a greater capacity.