The Driving Factor

What is the best time of the year? A person could give a variety of answers to this question, including Christmas, Hanukkah, spring or even summer. However, an educated person will give you the correct answer, which is March Madness. March Madness; a true time for david to beat goliath…over and over again.

March Madness is a time where college athletes compete with passion and emotion for the greatest honor in college sports, a national championship. Wins bring players to the top of the world while losses seem to reach into their chests and rip out their hearts. There is nothing better than watching players compete when they play for the name on their front instead of the name on their back.

However, before there is a win, there is a team. Before there is a team, there are individuals. These individuals are taken from different places and must be meshed together in order to achieve success.

Recruiting is such an important factor, it is not just done by a head coach but an entire staff. Recruiting feels like an aspect of college basketball that goes overlooked because it is a behind-the-scenes aspect of the game. Sure, once in a while there is a movie like Blue Chips that gives a person somewhat of inside look but that only goes so far.

It would be extremely interesting to learn more about recruiting and how it affects colleges on different levels.