Connecticut Schools Recruitment Breakdown

Connecticut Schools Recruitment Breakdown Many Eyes

This graphic shows the breakdown of some Connecticut schools, Divisions I through III, and where the majority of their roster comes from. It shows that every school has a certain region that they will recruit from more than anywhere else. Click the image to enlarge it.


The Attraction of a Nice Home Setting

When a coaching staff is trying to persuade a high school prospect to come to their school, they need to have a variety of selling points in order to reel them in. These points could be a variety of things, from a school’s prestigious history to their fan-base to the quality of food on their campus. A major selling point that is more evident for coaches on the Division I level is the high-quality of the school’s basketball arena.

In Connecticut, the Division I schools include UConn, Yale, Hartford, Sacred Heart, Fairfield, Quinnipiac, and Central Connecticut State. These school’s have obviously had varying levels of success and therefore the size and capacities of their stadiums are different. However, what many people don’t realize is the extensive positive effect that an attractive arena can have on a school’s basketball program. If you’re stadium looks as good as UConn’s Gampel Pavilion, recruits are going to be drawn in.

Yes, a program needs to be somewhat successful to be able to upgrade there stadium but the upgrade itself gives the school a whole new angle in the recruiting process. Some schools, like Quinnipiac, can use the school’s new attribute to take their program to the next level.